Aqualung Live Bait Wells are a small and portable way to keep your bait alive and kicking! (Swimming.) They come in several sizes and configurations:

Do-it-Yourself "Kit"

You supply the Brute container, we provide the kit with everything you need including:

  • Keepalive Aerator

  • Custom Lid

  • Instructional DVD

Pre-Assembled "Kit"

We provide everything and do all of the drilling and most of the assembly. You just add the last few components and you're done!

Download Printable Instructions

Aqualung was formed by two friends with a love for (and 50 years experience in) Live Bait fishing. We wanted to offer a live well system that did a great job but was more modestly priced than what the market had to offer.

AquaLung systems come in five sizes. Each system is:

  • Customized with custom lid to limit spilling

  • Lower cost than other types of bait well

  • Lighter weight than most other bait wells

  • Easier to place and remove from your vehicle

Our kits come with a specialized aeration system that circulates nurturing oxygen into the tank's water.

The secret to our live well system is the Custom CNC-cut spill-resistant lids.
Without our custom lid, your bait and water can simply splash out when your boat or vehicle is underway, hits other boat wakes, or is in heavy seas.

Our custom lid helps keep your boat, and everyone in it, clean and dry.

What tools are required to assemble the kit?

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