The Aqualung kit is easily installed in any Rubbermaid Brute* container.

Included in your kit:

  • Custom, CNC-Cut Lid

  • Necessary Bolts, Washers and Nuts

  • Keepalive System

  • Raw Water Intake and Outflow Fittings

  • 1’ Section of 1 1/8 Hose & Clamps

  • Electrical Connection

  • Heat Shrink Butt Joint Connectors

  • Assembly Instructions (DVD & Written)

If you decide to use raw water intake and out flow option you will need to purchase the appropriate size and length hoses for your particular live well application.

>What tools are required to assemble the kit?

>Download Assembly Instructions Here

>Watch the Step-By-Step Assembly Video

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The secret to our live well system is the Custom CNC-cut spill-resistant lids.

If you don’t have our lid, bait and water can simply splash out when your boat or vehicle is underway, hits other boat wakes, or is in heavy seas.

Our custom lid helps keep your boat, and everyone in it, clean and dry.

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