10 Gallon "Studio"

Comes fully assembled with tank. Minor assembly on “the floater.”

This tank assembly was designed for the fisherman on the go, it is light and portable. The Studio will hold a large variety of both fresh and saltwater baits. Has a small foot print so it doesn’t take a lot of room in your boat or your vehicle. With “the floater” keepalive system and a small 12v battery, you can keep bait alive for hours at a time without the hassle of needing water circulation.

Saltwater fisherman, keep mullet, mud minnows, small to medium Menhaden (pogeys), shrimp, pinfish etc.
Freshwater fisherman, keep shiners, shad, bream, etc.
10 Gallon Studio: KAYAK SPECIAL comes assembled with tank, needs some additional assembly.

What's in a kit?

What tools are required to assemble the kit?

>Watch the Step-By-Step Assembly Video

Available in:

Blue Red White Yellow

Can't find the color tank you're looking for? Give us a call, we'll add a color tank to your order and include it in your shipment!

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